My Crypto Journey


This is my hobby... I love this stuff!

I use this site to practice my skills. Other than that, the picture on this site are original taken with different cameras through the years. How many pictures do you have? It's crazy to think that anyone could go through the many pictures they own. Data storage is almost space unlimited as oppose to piling up photo albums. Even scrapbooking will start to pile up. Now the age of NFTs.

Aside from Engineering, on my spare time, I help small business and friends in having an internet presence. Creating a simple website gives customers another way of reaching their business in today's world. Having a website with at least a phone number and address could be enough. Reducing any advance features that isn't being utilized will help reduce cost. Features can be created later, if desired. Why pay more for something you don't use? Sometimes the upfront cost doesn't make any sense. Start out small and see how it goes...

If you are looking for a larger scale, checkout: ThriveIM

Turns out using my machines for crypto makes more sense. So, I only help out a few customers with websites and promoting crypto staking. If you are interested in staking CRO, please join:


Here is a list of some competitors site to evaluate:

  • cros-nest
  • cros-nest(twitter)
  • allnodes
  • smartStake(exlplore)
  • nebkas(site + explorer)
  • makingcash
  • + ranking)
  • Forbole(PRO)
  • sgxstaking
  • wagerr(sportsbook)
  • onward
  • finland(twitter)
  • stakespace
  • cryptolion
  • icyroad
  • cosmostation(PRO)
  • kingstaker
  • stakepool
  • ubik(PRO)
  • yummy(sit + explorer)
  • perservarnce
  • Sirus Nodes
  • dwebguide
  • stakely
  • There are more, but more or less the same on how to stake using defi wallet, which belongs to and

    Here is a list of tools:

  • bigdipper
  • mintscan
  • MyMaria

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